Grappling Clamps Fall Protection The innovative new fall restraint system that utilizes friction instead of nails to secure itself to the roof.



Unlike other fall protection systems available on the market that are nailed, screwed or bolted to the structure, the G-Clamps utilize a patented friction based method that grips the overhangs of a pitched structure in order to secure safely without penetrating the roof. This friction is achieved by applying constant tension to a three piece system, including an anchor at the ridge of the roof and two G-Clamps on opposite eaves of the roof connected by heavy duty ratchet straps. The ridge anchor is the tie off point.

This product is built to last out of steel pipe that comes standard with a safety yellow powder coated finish. Proudly built in the U.S.A. As a system, the Grappling clamps comply with the standard OSHA rating of 5,000 lbs for a fall protection system.